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Friday, 29 January 2010 15:47


Here is a list of past SKA Video of the Week picks.

The Expanders - Moving Along

An excellent group I had never heard of until this video came out a few weeks ago and it got posted and reposted all over facebook. I promptly bought the album and it is on the site.




Tomorrow's Bad Seeds - Nice & Slow

This is a great end of summer slow reggae jam, especially here in the North West (Seattle,Portland,(both)Vancouver's) where here in the 2nd week of September we are still been hitting high 80's to 90 (30c) for our second summer. Sorry to the East Coast listeners who are having November like rain storms. Anyway, if you like this group, I have a few videos posted from a show they did here in Seattle in 2010, look under Bob's Ska Videos.



Amy Winehouse 1983-2011

The Specials with Amy Winehouse - Your Wondering Now

This was a great video, Amy was dancing and looking around unlike some of her concerts where she appeared to be in a haze.





The Deltones - Stay Where You Are

For this video we go back to about 1986 to watch The Deltones version of a Gloria and the Dreamlets (1965) song. More recently this song was covered by the Pepper Pots (Spain) and The Overlines (Mexico). I'm afraid I don't know anything about the little plastic had fad that appeared to be happening at this time ?






MC Lars, Suburban Legends & the MC Bat Commander(of the Aquabats)

This Gigantic Robot Kills

An excellent song & video.






Jaqee - Kokoo Girl

You may have heard some of her songs as I recently added her last album to the site. Here is the official video to the first single released from that album.



And the link to the live version



Dr. Raju - Mr. Right (Australia)

This video may be older than many of you listeners but its pretty cool. It was 1 shot & no editing. I was told they did 12 takes, then 1 more for good measure and that last one was the one they used. I recently ordered a few of their albums and will be adding them to the radio this week hopefully.




The Bustups. A great band from Sweden, recently broke up and more recently got back together as you can see.





Here are they lyrics if you want, though the story is easy to understand.

Original (french)

English via Google




My first video of the week. Skipit from Austria, the one near Germany, not Australia with shrimp & barbies.




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